Sunday, September 27, 2009


Things that make me irrationally happy:
Dumb people using $10 words incorrectly
Fat kids eating fast food
People in electric wheelchairs on the street
Electric wheelchairs with flags
Asians that can’t drive
Black people eating chicken
Really skinny bros in XL t-shirts
Really fat white moms in Wal-mart with 5+ kids
Hispanics selling oranges/flowers/blankets on the side of the road
Dean’s ever-changing facial hair
Dean “working” on his car
Sarah reading Stephen King books
Dorky look teens that sit in the anime section of Barnes & Noble and read
People who walk around at school playing guitar poorly
Mormons on bikes
Sending and receiving snail mail

Things that make me irrationally angry:
People turning left out of a parking lot without a signal
People not utilizing turn lanes and instead slow way down in front of you and just making a wide turn
People who randomly slow down on the freeway
Dog-eared pages in library books
When I don’t get a “Special” sticker on my order at Taco Bell
The fact that Denny’s has Coke and not Pepsi
When people tend to cry a lot
When people mix up your/you’re, there/their/they’re, and to/too/two, are/our
When people use any of the following: u, ur urself, b4, 2nite, 2day, l8r, luv ya, c u, wat, watever, y, i, im, so0o, gurl
When “pretty” girls take “ugly” pictures (that aren’t really ugly, just silly) then put them online and say “OMG look at these ugly pictures of me! OMG I’m like so0o ugly.”
People that fish for compliments ^^
When people don’t remember I don’t like Ketchup
The fact that the avc library is only open until 6:30p during the week and only open for 4 hours on Saturday.

Things that I know will never change/know to always be true:
Jamie will never give up trying to read Les Mis.
Jamie and I will always make pies for thanksgiving.
There will always be someone Laura and I dislike so much we can spend hours talking about it.
Lauren, Jenni and Hank will never stop playing video games.
There will always be tortillas, Tapatío, and Shasta cola at Charlie’s/Brandis house.
I will always love West Side Story more then Rent and Jamie will always disagree with me.
Hank will always be the most badass white guy I know.
I will never memorize any ID number I ever have i.e. school ID, DL, license plate #