Thursday, July 3, 2008

Chap Stick and Chapped Lips and Things Like Chemistry

Since my last post so much has happened I can't even tell you! haha well I'm about to try, but in any case I’ve been hella busy and so I'm sorry for not updating more often. I think I’m going to start from right now and work my way backwards.

So right now I'm sitting at Lisa and Chris' in Oregon drinking some of the best coffee ever! I want to move to Forest Grove so badly but then I don't at the same time. I love it here but another big part of me really wants so live in a big city while I'm young. I think some people get overwhelmed by having so many choices, but I think I'm more excited about life more then anything else.

Anyways I'm in Oregon now but a couple of days ago I was in Auburn, Washington with Jasmine! "How did we get there?" you may ask, well we drove up from California! Well I drove Jazz doesn’t have a license yet. So in the past week I’ve driven about 1400 miles!!! Crazy, right?! Anyways, I was in Washington with Jazz, I stayed for just a night. We went to see Wall-e with her boyfriend and their friend Ryan. Ryan builds motorcycles I was kinda turned on I’m not going to lie to you. But yeah they are both very talented they own a small recording studio, awesome right?!

[btw, Wall-e. So it’s basically the cutest thing ever!!! I want to see it again like holy cow. Everyone should go see it. It's was a lot different from what I thought the movie was going to be most as far as plot line goes. I don’t want to say too much and give anything away, but you should all go see it srsly.]

So I just stayed the night in Washington, I stayed with Jazz and her boyfriend; they live together. But before all of that Jazz and I had to drive up, it took us three days the first day we meant to leave at like 8... yeah, no. We were ready by 8 but all the forces of the universe got together to
screw that up. Anyways we left around 11. But we got to Lodi as we had planed to do. The next day we were going to just get to Redding but I wasn’t tired and it was only like 6:30 when we got to Redding so we made it to Weed which is kind of a bombass town. Then the next day we got to Lisa and Chris’ spend the night there then the next day went up to Washington.

So yeah, my mom flew Jazz down here from Washington so that she could drive up with me, also so that she could go though some of her stuff that was in Grandma garage, well her Grandma’s but I call her Grandma too (and my mom calls her Mom haha) Anyways while Jazz was here we went though her stuff, it was hot and icky but what can you do? We also rented movies. I know we rented three but I can only think of 2 Into the Wild and Run Lola Run. Into the Wild was terrible it was the biggest downer ever, but Run Lola Run was GREAT.

Umm before Jazz got here... what was I doing? Oh, right AVC. I basically I took the placement tests and everything. I did well in the math part, apparently. Whatever, but the classes that I’m hoping to have for next year are:

English 101; 3 units
Math 130; 4 units
Chemistry 110; 5 units
Painting and drawing technique 210; 1.5 units
Life Drawing 140; 1 unit
Beginning Ballet 101; 1 unit

6 classes; 15.5 units

I haven’t done a lot since graduation. Just normal summer stuff I guess, cleaning, reading lazying around you know the deal.

Oh Laura and I went to Magic Mountain! It was so much fun! Two best things: the sign after you get off Roaring Rapids “You’ve never looked wetter!” and Laura, “first there was X the ride in that awful Orange and blue now there X2 in red and white, watch next it’ll be xxx, straightedge the ride, in all black.”

umm yeah that’s about all for now I’ll try and update more often but I make no promises.

Ohh and I have mad etch a sketch skeelz I'm serious.
Look it's robin hood!!