Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Francie Doesn't Like Coffee Ice Cream

(macbook pics have their draw backs lol)
(for those who can read backwards don't tell casey about his "yadhtrib" present haha)

Monday, August 4, 2008

Not all dumb people belong in german showers

Okay to the person who registered with Priority Registration at avc and signed up for Chem 110 then didn’t pay their enrollment fees on time:

I love you, with all my heart and soul I LOVE YOU.

Because you’re kinda dumb and didn’t pay for your classes on time, you were dropped. So now I get the schedule I wanted in the first place.

So it sucks to be you, but just remember I’ll always love you and think of you from time to time as I sit in your seat in Chemistry while you’re stuck in A History of Women in America or whatever else is still left open.

Okay so: life is great!!!!

So I was on the AVC website and holy cow there was 2 opening in the Chem class i wanted so last night. I got up bright and early (it's been quite sometime since I knew 7 o'clock happen twice on a Monday) to get to AVC and see about getting my classes changed. And I'll be darned if I didn't get the classes that I wanted in the first place!!

So this is the last time (hopefully) you'll see me post about my AVC classes:

BioL 110 units 5; T 7-11pm; R 7-10pm
Chem 110 units 5; TR 8-9:20am F7:45-11:50am
Math 130 units 4; TR 11:00-1:05pm
Art 216 units 3; W 5-11pm
PE(swimming) units 1; style MW 8-9:20am

5 classes/18 units -$360, 1 parking pass -$15, beating those other dumbies to the classes I want- priceless.