Sunday, February 3, 2008

I Want To Hold Your Hand

Disnland picture tour.

Laura, Corinne, and me crossing the line.

Laura+Corinne+Me on the tram thing.

Now we're walking down Main Street. This is Laura's "I must be in this picutre face."

We're in line for Space Mountain (round 2)

On Space Moutain, otherwise selfexplanatory

Laura, Lauren, and Corinne before the Buzzlightyearride I have know I idea what it's really called.

My dream job! Lolza jk. If only I were pretty enough... haha

Becca: Jeez you two don't cream your pants.
Laura+Me: Too late!

In line for Indiana Jones.
(Lauren, Becca, and Jamie)

(me, Laura, Corenne)

Lauren and Jamie and Jack.

Becca being Becca <3.

We had some extra time to kill so we took lots of random pitures:

Laura and me failing to look like crazy drivers

I can't believe we ALL fit!

Laura and Lauren. Nice faces guys.

My little jail birds.

Minnie's House!

Lastly Laura and Corinne and Me made wishes in'da wishing well!

On the way home Laura and I cuddled it was great I've NEVER been more comfy/comfortable on a bus before. At one point I wanted to be all emosause so I curled up in a ball and laid my head down on laura's lap and was under my blanky, it was so comfy!

All in all the was an AWESOME trip!